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Microsoft Bing AI dan Web akan Terhubung dengan ChatGPT

by anaknongkrong

Microsoft kemungkinan besar akan kembali memberikan peningkatan baru mereka untuk pengguna Windows 11, di mana salah satunya akan menggunakan Bing Chat sebagai Virtual Assistant mereka ke depannya.

Perlu diketahui bahwa beberapa minggu yang lalu perusahaan akan menghentikan layanan Cortana, yang mana menjadi layanan Virtual Assitant mereka sejak lama. Penghentian ini tentunya harus memiliki pengganti dan Bing Chat akan menjadi penggantinya.

Masih sama seperti apa yang kamu gunakan di Bing Chat, nantinya sistem operasi Windows akan menggunakan ChatGPT sebagai Virtual Assistant mereka. Hal ini tentunya menjadi daya tarik tersendiri di Windows OS.

A full-fledged virtual assistant on Windows 11, phone or web can make tasks such as opening apps, analyzing texts on an app, setting reminders or alarms and writing documents much more accessible. ChatGPT may have been the first best generative AI model for the public, but Bing is slowly catching up.

While ChatGPT responses rely on its curated database, Bing is an assistant for search, which means it will look up on the web for nearly all questions. Bing is built on top of ChatGPT-4, but since it is designed for Bing.com and Microsoft’s search index, it avoids relying on its internal database.

Menurut informasi yang beredar, saat ini perusahaan sedang mengembangkan sebuah cara yang memungkinkan ChatGPT untuk dapat terpasang langsung di sistem OS mereka. Karena hingga kini jika kita mengakses layanan Bing Chat maka harus mengakses browser dulu.

According to sources familiar with the development, Microsoft is internally exploring a version of Bing AI that would allow users to interact directly with Bing AI Chat on Windows 11, the web, and phones in a more conversational manner without triggering a web search for each question.

Suppose you frequently use Microsoft 365 Office apps and ask Bing AI for help with Excel functions or Word features. In the current Bing.com-powered Bing AI, if you ask how to create a pivot table in Excel, Bing AI would search the web for this information, providing a detailed explanation and instructions, even if you’ve asked the same question before.

Now, imagine the upcoming feature “no search” in place. Bing AI would rely on its internal database and the context of your queries. As a result, Bing AI wouldn’t just search the web. Instead, it will rely on its internal database to share the basic steps. If you need more information, Bing will search the web and help.

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