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YouTube untuk Windows, Hadirkan Peningkatan UI/UX

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YouTube untuk pengguna Windows kini akan merilis pembaruan mereka secara merata untuk semua penggunanya, di mana kini memberikan sebuah peningkatan menarik yang bisa ditampilkan langsung di OS Windows 10 dan 11.

Peningkatan yang mereka hadirkan ialah tampilan YouTube yang mana kini hadir dengan mode gelap, sehingga pengguna Windows yang memang suka tema mode gelap bisa menampilkan YouTube dengan mode tersebut.

Perubahan ini pertama kalinya hadir di YouTube.com atau YouTube Web App yang bisa diinstal langsung di Microsoft Edge Chromium di Windows 10 dan juga Windows 11.

YouTube is rolling out multiple server-side updates with minor improvements, including two new buttons to skip forward or backwards when viewing a video. Other changes include dark mode support for search suggestions and higher bitrate (1080p Premium) for more devices and regions.

These changes are now rolling out to YouTube.com or YouTube web app installed via Microsoft Edge or Chrome on Windows 10 and 11. As you can see in the below screenshot, Google has added two new buttons – back and forward, allowing you to skip forward or backwards by 10 seconds.

The new back and forward buttons provide an easy way for anyone to navigate a video. With these buttons, you can conveniently skip forward or backwards by 10 seconds, enhancing your control over your viewing content. This feature could be handy when you’re revisiting or rewatching videos.

Bukan hanya memberikan dukungan untuk tampilan mode gelap, melainkan mereka juga memberikan dukungan untuk tampilan resolusi atau Bitrate yang lebih baik di YouTube Web App. Kini pengguna YouTube Premium bisa memilih Bitrate hingga maksimal 1080p HD.

This new ‘1080p Premium Enhanced Bitrate’ option appears for videos that only go up to 1080p, but not for 4K videos. Remember that there isn’t much to get excited about the new premium feature. Still, it will undoubtedly improve the viewing experience, as Google has reduced the quality of 1080p videos.

A YouTube staff confirmed these updates to Windows Latest and added the company started rolling out the feature to more regions this month.

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